Characters, POV, Tense.

Right away, if I want to get into actual writing, I need to think about my lead. Or leads. Hmmm. Maybe start with a couple so I can get dialog right from the jump?

As for person this is going to have to be Third. Makes it easier to follow the action and exposition. First person is easier to write, but this feel Big Canvas to me and that suggests third. Third limited? That’s my go-to style. If I go voice-of-God third person I can be less disciplined about exposition but it’ll sound old-timey.

Tense? I did present tense in FRONT LINES, but the fantasy element pushes me toward past tense. I’ll start there, maybe change my mind as I write into the thing.

This story is going to get weird in a hurry so my instinct is to start prosaic. Ground it in reality. But I don’t want a slow build, so… hmmm. Also I’m going to want some inside access, by which I mean I need my YA leads to have access to info a bit ahead of the curve to keep a handler on exposition. I could go with convenient parents but that kind of makes me wince. Been done to death.

OK, off to the name lists. Let’s give this couple some names.


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